9 reasons to make an appointment with a Wedding Registry stylist


1. Scanners are fun, but they have zero personality.

2. Wedding Registry stylists are stylists, wahoo!

3. If a store knows you have an appointment, you are more likely to receive the royal treatment. 

4. A WR stylist can give you invaluable information about the items your are selecting including care information and warranties.

5. A WR stylist can help you mix/match and create the ultimate table setting exclusively for you.


6. You will have created a relationship with a person at the store you registered, and it will make it so much easier to communicate with your personal WR stylist.

7. A WR stylist wants your new home to be perfect, and they will think of all the items needed to create it!


8. A WR stylist is also your gift advocate.  They can make suggestions to your guests and let them know which items were your favorites.

9. Registering for your wedding gifts should be fun and exciting, let a WR stylist create the ultimate experience and special memory just for you.


Posted by Rachel Hughes on 17 February, 2015 beautiful table, columbia tn, registry, wedding registry, ye peddler |
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