Does your home need a Spring ReFresh?

In our part of the county, we have been trapped in an "Icepocalypse" for the last week.  This wonderful gift of nature has given me lots (and I mean LOTS) of time to reevaluate our home.  I decided it was time for a reFresh.  Time to bust out the furniture sliders, dig into those lost boxes of accessories in the attic, and purge cabinets of pretty things hiding (aka pth).  Of course, I started as soon as the hubby walked out the door for work, he need not know of said happenings of home destruction.  I enlisted my kiddos help, and the reFresh began! 

It's easy to freshen up your home for Spring.  Try some of these easy changes...

1.  Move your couch around - I moved my couch maybe 20x's to get it in just the right spot.  

2.  Rearrange Artwork - Yes, I know this leaves holes in walls!  But that's why there is spackle and touch up paint. 

3.  Move your draperies - I moved my kitchen drapes to my living room, and voila they felt brand new again!

4.  Set out books - I love to read books and look at magazines.  Stacks of books make a room feel real.  Stacks also make a nice stand for those pth that you found.

5.  Swap around pillows - I moved some pillows and a throw from our bedroom.  It's so nice to have a little more color in our living area.

6.  Add something New - It just needs to be one thing (or maybe two). 



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