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My favorite pair of earrings for Spring.

I love statement earrings!  They finish an outfit and are so easy just to slip on and run out the door.  They make even the most dull outfit sparkle!  That's why these Kendra Scott earrings are top on my list for favorite Spring Accessory.  The simple elegance and size are perfect...they say to me"Hello Rachel, Do you want to look fabulous today?". 

kendra scott alexandra earring

Three unlikely things you need for Spring Cleaning.

I will be honest and vulnerable here!  I do NOT enjoying cleaning, and it is really hard for me to get motivated to do so.  I love to cook, I love to paint, and I love to play.  When it comes to maintaining, I would much rather invent.  Thank goodness for Pandora, a timer, and Caldrea!  With these three things, I find joy in cleaning.  Music soothes my soul, the timer allows me to be quick & efficient because I know my cleaning will have an end point, and the Caldrea home cleaning products smell divine.  Somehow with these three things, cleaning seems like a luxury event and not a mundane task.

1. Great Music - My personal favorite is Pandora.  I love to listen to these channels while I clean: Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Diana Krall, and Today's Hits!

2. A Timer - I always set the timer on my microwave.  Never exceed 20 minutes for a given task. 

3. Caldrea - I LOVE Caldrea and have been using it in my home for years.  I change the scent with every season, and  I am so excited about their new fragrance for spring, Pear Blossom Agave.  It smells so fresh and clean, just perfect for when the buttercups are blooming. They are even making it in laundry detergent and dryer sheets...Aaaahhhh!!!




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9 reasons to make an appointment with a Wedding Registry stylist


1. Scanners are fun, but they have zero personality.

2. Wedding Registry stylists are stylists, wahoo!

3. If a store knows you have an appointment, you are more likely to receive the royal treatment. 

4. A WR stylist can give you invaluable information about the items your are selecting including care information and warranties.

5. A WR stylist can help you mix/match and create the ultimate table setting exclusively for you.


6. You will have created a relationship with a person at the store you registered, and it will make it so much easier to communicate with your personal WR stylist.

7. A WR stylist wants your new home to be perfect, and they will think of all the items needed to create it!


8. A WR stylist is also your gift advocate.  They can make suggestions to your guests and let them know which items were your favorites.

9. Registering for your wedding gifts should be fun and exciting, let a WR stylist create the ultimate experience and special memory just for you.


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Three Reasons to Create a Local Wedding Registry


1. Personal Service - Your local Wedding Registry store is committed to providing excellent customer service.  They know your name and your guests by name.

2. Local Love - Your local stores are what make your community special.  Show some Local Love by supporting Local Wedding Registry Stores and Local Wedding Vendors.

3. Commitment to your Community - Local Wedding Registry stores are committed to your community.  Did you know that over 60% off your wedding gifts purchase will remain in your community(if purchased locally)?  They provide local jobs.  They create sales tax revenue that funds local schools and government.  They give back to your community through non profit support.


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Rachel's Favorite Gifts for Valentine's Day

1.  Coton Colors Large Cookie Jar with Heart attachment and fresh flowers. 

I LOVE to give this cookie jar!  The heart attachment can be changed out throughout the year for every holiday, making it the perfect gift that you can keep adding to.. LOVE IT!

2.  Wine Decanter and Glasses & a beautiful bottle of wine

I love the Castilian Collection of Glassware.  The decanter is amazing and you smaller glasses look just like a French Wine glass.  You will definitely be transported to Paris. Oui! Oui!

3.  Monograms, Chocolates, and Wine....Oh My!

This gift set is perfect for your girlfriends.  I love to give mine little happies from time to time, and this set is perfect.

4.  Kendra Scott...need I say more!

Just in time for Valentine's Day these classic earrings are beautiful for that special girl!  Gold plated over Brass, Kendra Scott jewelry is the perfect mix of classic and contemporary.  Hint, Hint, Hubbie!!!



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Setting Your Valentine's Table

What is your table telling you this Valentine’s Day?

                Is your dinnerware saying “I LOVE YOU”? If you answered “YES” carry on Haute Hostess! If your answer is “No”, Cupid is here to help! Create a Love Affair with your table by using these few styling tips:

  1. Start with a great foundation.
  2. Add some pretty glassware.
  3. Don’t forget your napkin.
  4. Fresh flowers, please!
  5. Candlelight is always nice.

Our customers

Our customers at Ye Peddler deserve the best there is to offer!  We always try to buy what you will love!

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