Wedding Registry

Why Register at Ye Peddler?

Scanners are fun, but they have zero personality.  At Ye Peddler, you will receive personal service from our wedding registry consultants.  They are trained in setting the perfect table with style and grace. 


Our promise to you.

We are committed to you.  At Ye Peddler, you will have a personal wedding registry coordinator that you can call or email with any questions. 

We want your new home to shine.  Our wedding registry stylist will think of all the items needed to create it. 

We are your gift advocate.  We can make in store suggestion to your guests and let them know which items are your favorites.

Registering for your wedding gifts should be fun and exciting, let Ye Peddler help you create the ultimate experience and special memory just for you.  Call to schedule your wedding registry appointment today at 931.388.8888 or send us an email to


Frequently asked questions about Wedding Registries:
How do I make returns?
Registered Couples may return any wedding gifts for store credit.  Ye Peddler requires a returns appointment be scheduled within 30 days after your wedding date.  Items that need to be returned should be in good condition and original box with packing.  Personalized gifts or special orders that the registered couple placed are non-returnable. We do not accept returns after 3 months from your wedding date. 
What are gift cards?
Gift Cards are Merchandise Vouchers for items on your wedding registry list that are currently out of stock.  When you redeem the gift card, you can receive either store credit or we will special order the item for you.  Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. 

How long does my store credit last?
Wedding registry credit is valid for one year after the date of your wedding.
How do I get my wedding & shower gifts?
In Store Pickup is available for your wedding and shower gifts.  Ye Peddler will contact your party’s host and arrange for pick up of gifts.  Wedding gifts are available to pick up in store.  We will call/text your gift pickup contact and let them know when you have gifts purchased. 
Do you ship?
Ye Peddler offers shipping for your wedding gifts. We offer complimentary packaging and charge Fed Ex Home Delivery Rates if you would like your gifts sent straight to your home.