Christmas Wrap Up: 2021

Dear Sweet Friends,

What a glorious Christmas Day! Our day started out not too early  with presents from Santa.  The funniest part is Willa had invited my parents, and I had told them to come around 8am...and guess what! They woke us up...we all overslept..which never, ever happens! We then headed to breakfast with friends, and all the sweet neighborhood kids went from house to house checking out each other's gifts.  

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, playing games, and grazing on all kinds of sweets and treats...I even took a short nap on our back porch because it felt so nice!  Anyone else?! 

Today starts the clean always amazes me how our house can look perfect right before the kids open presents and then it turns into the biggest disaster you've ever seen! And it doesn't seem contained just to the family room, it spreads into every room in our house. LOL!

The shop kind of feels the same way.  We will be breaking down all the Christmas displays this week, glitter will be everywhere, and we'll begin resetting for the New Year, 2022!  It's so hard to believe!!! We do have quite a bit to clear out to make room for all the NEW that's headed our way, that Monday kicks off our HUGE End of Year Clearance Sale in store.  It's 4 days only and Christmas will be on a progressive markdown for all our in store shoppers....50% Off Monday, 55% Off Tuesday, 60% Off Wednesday, and all remaining Christmas will be 70% Off on Thursday.   I'll also have a scratch & dent/markdown area for goods that we're a little too loved in the shop this year. 

We are back to our normal business hours. Monday-Friday 10-5pm and Saturday 10-3pm, but Ye Peddler will be closed Friday/Saturday/Sunday for the New Year.  We are taking the kids to the Biltmore for the first time, and I'll have to share some of our about the ultimate inspiration for entertaining!

AND believe it or not, we head back to market in 2 weeks to buy our Christmas 2022...and I've already started planning...The Christmas season is truly my absolute favorite time of year!!! 

I wanted to say a few Thank You's before I wrapped up this After-Christmas Note...

Thank you to my sweet team who worked tirelessly this holiday season. They had a smile on their face and in their heart at the beginning of each day that never faded! They helped thousands of precious shoppers over the last 8 weeks, wrapped over 10,000 gifts, and shipped out countless happy packages all over the United States.  It's truly mind blowing to think our small group of amazing women could make all this happen. With a twinkle in their eye and delight in their step...They never missed a beat! 

And they wouldn't have had anyone to serve without your kind support...THANK YOU for choosing to shop small this holiday season! We know all too well, in a day and age when you can have things instantly, that it's a true honor when you choose to shop at a small local business! We appreciate you!

Thank you also to my husband and kids! Our business is truly a family one, and they help tremendously during the holiday season. From moving furniture, transporting Christmas, setting up booths, hauling off our trash, and even plunging toilets...they take the cake on helping with all the dirty work...and I truly couldn't get it all done without them.  Love you guys!

Wrapping up this Christmas Season from my home to yours,

Much Love!




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