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Sweet friend,

How in the world are we in the second week of August?!  School has officially started and all our college kids are getting ready to head out!  It's a crazy month let me tell you.  Jackson and I are headed back to school shopping today and I've been cracking up at all the funny mom instagrams about what girls need of college (a complete designer custom room--drapes and all) and what boys need (a pillow and a flag)...Stephen is making me take back the drapes that I purchased because you know I want my guy's room to be over the top, but I'm trying my best to keep it simple for him. 

Willa has her first volleyball game of the season this week, and Friday night football starts for Chandler next week...Go Eagles and Tigers! I'm so thankful for the coaches who pour into our kids on a daily basis. 

At the shop, we are in full planning mode!  We are meeting tomorrow to finish planning out all our holiday fun through crazy is that!  We are also planning for our Grand Opening of our new boutique.  Thank you for all the precious words of encouragement about our new space next door. I've literally started a countdown and cannot wait to get it up and running!  We have tons of new merchandise just waiting for the boutique to open..YAY! 

Talking about new merchandise, y'all!  We have the cutest Halloween and Fall gifts that are arriving daily!  My favorite just might be the precious canvas ghosts.  They have the most animated faces that you've ever seen!  

Mark your calendars!  We are planning for our Fall Open House August 26 & 27.  It's going to be a weekend of all things inspirational and Autumn:)

Wrapping up happy from my home to yours,


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  • Kim

    When will the new Happy Everything attachments be coming in?

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