Summertime at Ye Peddler

Dear Friends,

It's been a crazy last few months, and summer already seems like it's flying by!  Anyone else with me?!?!  Summertime at Ye Peddler runs at a little bit different speed than the rest of the year.  We hire extra summer help, and everyone takes a few extra days off to enjoy time with their families.  Come say hello to Madeline Harlan and Jenny Claire Buckner, our summer sales team.  Madeline is a marketing student at UNA, and Jenny Claire just graduated and is getting married next month! 

We've been doing a little late spring cleaning at the shop.  If you haven't been by, you're going to be in for a BIG surprise!  We've moved everything around again...LOL!  You know me...I love rearranging!  We've also received tons of new gifts and jewelry...AND I've been working on finding lots of new lines for the Fall!  I can't wait to announce all our BIG plans, if you you've been following us for awhile you know that we have moved out of our Mt Pleasant operations space and opening up something exciting in Columbia! Look for our announcement on August 1.


Last week, I forgot to send out our Friday Favorites email.  It was all about the red, white, and blue for 4th of July!  We've received several adorable new gifts that I don't want you to miss and some of my absolute favorites.  I'll put a little blip at the bottom if you want a peek....make sure and enter our 4th of July Instagram Giveaway...(click here for link).  It's all the happy in the picture with the Scout Cooler, 4th of July Towel, Bentley Tumblers and Fancy Pan...all my favorites!

Wrapping up happy from my home to yours-



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