Sunday Happ(y)enings: August 7th

Have you missed me?

I've missed a few weeks posting, but I'm back!  So excited to be feeling good and so thankful for all your sweet words of encouragement.  I just love our Ye Peddler family.  I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite things from the shop that have brought joy to me in the last few weeks.  Sometimes when a friend is sick, had surgery, new baby, etc., it's hard to know what they might enjoy. 

 1. Satin Pillowcase - Y'all, this may seem silly, but I loved propping my leg up with our PJ Harlow Pillowcase.  The coolness and silkiness felt sooo good.  I had to borrow Willa's for my other pillow, but she didn't mind.

2. Barefoot Dreams Blanket - The girls at the shop gave me a leopard BD blanket a few years ago and it's MY blanket, if you know what I mean.  It's such a great gift for any occasion, especially when you don't feel your best.  I love that you can wash it and wash it and wash it, and it still looks as good as the day you got it.

3. Kindred.  I haven't talked about Kindred lately, but why does it feel so good to wash your face when your a little under the weather.  I also used a ton of the intense moisture because my skin has dried out like a prune.  

4. Swig  Tumbler.  I have the luxy leopard, can you see the theme of how much I adore animal print. It's been nice to have a cup with a lid because when you are laying around it's amazing how many times you knock your cup over.

Pokémon sour cream in my bowl 

5.  Boody.  Last but not least, I've worn my Boody shirts day and night.  The lightweight bamboo breathes and keeps you cool when your hot.  They pair great with our Barefoot Dream Shorts which are so easy to get over a cast. 

Who's ready for a little Fall Sneak Peek?  I AM!  Laurie may kill me that I added this in our newsletter, but she's been receiving Fall left and right last week.  Our YP team has been working hard to get our displays transformed for the new season and I can't wait to see their progress.  BUT, I thought it might be fun to give you a little sneak peek as a reward for reading all our weekly happ(y)enings.  Click Here to reveal a little peek of fall.


Lastly, I want to send out a great big THANK YOU to my husband, kids, and YP team.  All of them have worked double time since I've been out the last couple of weeks.  It's been the biggest blessing to be able to rest and recover!   

I'm planning on getting back to work this week, and I can't wait!  





PS- I hope everyone made it through the first week of school!  I can't believe we have a senior, sophomore, and fifth grader...It's so crazy.  We did get the sweetest little graduating year happy in this week at the shop.  If you have a special young lady in your life that is a senior, Click Here for the BEST gift.  It will sell out fast.


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