Sunday Happ(y)enings: July 11, 2021

We're Home.

We're HOME!  And what a week we had...this was our first time on 30A during the 4th of July week.  I'm not typically a worrier, but I had my concerns about how busy it would be, traffic, waiting at res, and let's be honest the HEAT.  Well if you know me, I like to plan for risk aversion. We left at 4:30am both going and coming, and guess traffic! I purchased all our groceries beforehand and even went so far to make 5 different freezer casseroles that we packed in our huge Yeti cooler my boys rescued from the river a few years ago.  Stephen also found the sweetest little house that was about a 5 minute week to the beach, but it was a quiet beach with only one row of beach gatherers.  And Y'all, the weather couldn't have been lovelier.  It did rain a little each day, but I don't think the temp broke 85 degrees.  All my worry for nothing, and let me just say that the 4th of July at the beach is just magical!  To sit on the beach and watch all the fireworks up and down the coastline was better than the Magic Kingdom. I may already be googling beach houses for next year.  

(The boys with their river find in 2018. 
This bad boy yeti was lodged under the dock during high water.)

NEW has arrived.


I can't wait to get back into to the shop and see all the new that has arrived! I spied quite a bit of NEW E. Newton, and I'm pumped to go see.  Look for my store tour on IGTV later today, I'll be sharing all the new and my current favorites.

It's Market Week.


 (Mary at January market showing off a cute Santa)

Guess where we are going this week?  It's market time in Atlanta!  It seems like it was just yesterday when Mary and I went in January...crazy how time is really picking up speed. At summer market, Stephen and I travel together. We stay at a little nicer hotel & eat at least one fancy dinner out.  Why? One it's fun to get away with the hubby &  two..Ye Peddler is truly a family business and we are in it together.  Market is where we source a huge part of our gift selection, and it's so exciting to see what's new and on trend.  Make sure to follow along on Instagram as we explore all that Atlanta Market has to offer.


If you are looking for a Rachel's recipe this week, y'all are out of luck! I'm driving Willa to camp in Nashville everyday and not planning on cooking.  Well, what I am planning is having family meals delivered from  If you are local and pressed for time, Jess is definitely your answer. She makes two meals a week and we have loved all of them! We also pick up family meals from the Dotted Lime, and I don't think we ever miss a week not having JJ's Barbecue (make sure to get a gallon of fruit tea with your's Hughes family crack)

The Wrap Up.


OKay, Did anyone catch our little announcement about BIG news coming August 1?  Do you have any guesses?!?!?!  I did spend quite a bit of time planning & dreaming about what's to come from my comfy little beach chair.  Stay Tuned!


Wrapping up happy from our home to yours,


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